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We are committed in improving the Health and Safety of our work places and empower our staff to continuously improvise their work safety practices. A HSE Committee comprising the Management and Employee representatives, who meets bi-monthly to monitor the Group HSE performance and to provide input on issues related to health, safety and the environment. The HSE committee and other senior management also conduct a walkabout to identify gaps in our HSE practices and proposed immediate and long term solutions

TUESB shows its commitment to HSE by ensuring and adhering to Legislative Requirements on aspects of Health, Safety and Environment

  • Instilling strong leadership to achieve Operation and HSE  excellence

  • Monitoring and ensuring all HSE risks can be eliminated

  • Ensuring an Annual HSE strategic plan is in place

  • Encouraging HSE awareness

  • Instilling a strong HSE culture


It is the company policy to provide the highest possible level of satisfaction towards Client’s requirement, by adopting to the following management objectives:


  • Develop and continuous improvement of Project Quality Plan to ensure the quality meets or exceeds the contract requirement

  • Allocate appropriate resources, responsibilities and authority emphasizing on the Project Management and Execution

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